Summer Thanks

March 10, 2010

how i spent last summer…

Thanks be to Dan and Karie and Katie and Angel, the crew and my incredible stylists!!!  Much much work with multiple moving vans, new locations sometimes two in a day, and a lot of logistics went into this six week shoot!  We even went green…  Filled our personal water bottles with big jugs of water instead of all those little plastic throw away ones, we avoided restaurants that served styrofoam, we recycled, we composted, tried to car pool, our production books were digital and then we even shot digitally (of course).  Some days our crew grew to about 15, only got rained out twice, no fender benders but one speeding ticket, and a bunch of fun.  Wait, i guess i did back over a huge boulder, but no damage done.  If I get time i’ll post some BTS.




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