May 14, 2010

side tracked

i should be finishing up invoices, putting my book together, producing my test, doing an estimate, organizing my equipment room, but have been playing with some images instead.  almost any sparkly thing that passes in front of me i seem to pursue.  here’s that latest.

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September 18, 2009

bridge project

after the collapse of the 35w bridge i began thinking about the significance of  these structures in our everyday lives, and decided to begin photographing them.  it is still an ongoing project and i’m still working on figuring most things out, but after shooting these bridges at dawn, dusk, night and day, i think night tells the best story.

bridge project_037

bridge project_024


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August 12, 2009

am i being ripped off?

while combing through the internet tonight, i read heather morton’s blog about ripping off other photographers and was reminded of something that happened to me.  thought i’d share it.

i photographed this home for dwell a number of years ago, it was a great shoot, awesome home.  sent all my images to the architect so they could use them in their self-promotion.  fast forward about two years, i see ad’s that look pretty darn close to my photos.  turns out the architect is married to someone high up at knoll.  the irony was that these ad’s ran in dwell, the same publication that my images originally ran in.

so who is to blame?  knoll, the designer, the architect, the photographer, or nobody.  do you think i got ripped off?  was it just a coincidence?

my images on the left, ad images on the right…


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