Clean House

October 6, 2009

a quick look at my week…

Saturday afternoon: drop Krista off at the airport for her trip to AZ to visit lor and see the Killers.  Drive to lake of the isles with Jake and Grey to throw rocks in the lake and see the lake creature.  Stop by Noodles and co. to get dinner for Jake and I, eat at home on the sidewalk, continue to chase Grey to get some food in his mouth.  Grey: tub, rock and put to bed.  Jake: tub, stories, cough medicine and put to bed.  Pick up toys.  Try to read Rodney Smiths blog, bed about 12:10.

Sunday:  wake up with Jake next to me, Grey up 6:30ish.  Get ready for church, feed boys.  Over fill Grey’s mouth causing him to puke.  Put in bath and clean up.  Get boys ready for church, didn’t hear a thing in church because Grey was all over the place, wiggle, climb, dash away, climb up, scoot down, play with the people behind us…  Jake laid down the entire time and coughed.  We leave after sacrament put Jake in front of the TV and put Grey down for a nap.  Go over to in-laws for Sunday dinner.  Back home. Grey: tub and rock and put to bed.  Jake: tub, stories, cough medicine and put to bed.  Pick up toys, clean dishes.  Bed.

Monday: wake up with Jake next to me, Grey up 6:30ish.  Throw clothes on grey, Jake stays in pajamas, we head to studio.  Meet mother in law at studio and hand off the kids.  Shooting today, walls, sets, two cameras, two computer stations.  Retoucher trying to keep up.  All day reviewing locations as they come in for another job in California for the week of Oct 19th.  Try to leave by 5:00, but out at 5:40 to pick up kids from mother in law.  Grab them and go.  Feed them, tub them and put them to bed.  Laundry, clean house, and then bed.

Tuesday:  get the kids up and out.  Jake walks out of the house in pajamas again, and I didn’t notice the flip flops with socks.  Make the handoff to mother in law at studio.  Shooting again, more of the same.  Mother in law takes Jake to school and picks up Krista from airport.  Getting worried about locations, nobody likes anything we are seeing, very specific needs.  Phone calls about our alarm system, book tickets and car for Chicago marathon.  Still haven’t finished list for new estimating form or replied to personal emails.  Home by 6:00, kids baths and bed.  Krista comments on the socks with flip flops.

Wednesday: last day of shoot, art buyer calls and stops by, we discuss getting a stylist for week of October 12th shoot.  Images from this shoot look great, do two last shots and begin wrapping everything up.  Schedule prop returns, book digi tech another day to finish up files.  Leave studio 6:00 to pick up Mike and Molly and bring them to youth activity.  Plan next weeks activity and play capture the flag and football in the dark.  Bring home David and Sam, go and grab dinner.  Bed about 12:30.

Thursday: into the studio by 8:00, finish cleaning up and sending back and polishing off images.  Parent teacher conference 11:00.  Lunch with crew 12:00.  Prepro at agency for California job 1:30.  Conference in producer.  Discuss locations, decision made to focus more in LA and not San Francisco.  We have one of three locations nailed down, maybe two, put together file of other location possibles and email off.  Back to studio to sign off on files and check out new blinds.  Order up some more ND filters and a new transceiver pocket wizard.  Call case medics to order up a new custom foam case.  Burn disks of images, write a few checks, help UPS cart down some boxes, home by 6:00.  Help Krista feed, wash and put pajamas on kids.  Out the door at 8:00 to visit Emily and Dennis.  Grab some dinner, back home at 9:40 eat with Krista in front of the TV.  Bed about 1:00.

Friday:  in the studio at 8:00.  Catch up on news, pay more bills, deal with US bank visa, clean desk and office, look at locations, get LA casting in, book Chicago hotel, and another prop pick up.  Review images for at edge ad due next Wednesday. Organize rides for tonight’s youth activity.  Grab sandwich for lunch.  About 10 calls between two producers, and tried to get to emails but didn’t get all of them.  Stock requests, talk of putting together new book, talk of reps, talk of the test I’m putting together, talk of shooting some video.  Don’t know where the day went, pick up boys at in-laws.  Get Pei Wei on the way home.  Drop off kids.  Leave at 6:00 to pick up John and drive to activity. Home about 10:30.  Look at new locations, make selects, bed about 1:00.

Saturday:  slept in, 8:30.  Go and pick up breakfast from Edina Grill, they forgot Jakes bacon and so go back.  Errands: bank, UPS, Mall of America, Mcdonalds, home.  Quick grab of some Taco Bell for my lunch.  Another run to the Room and Board outlet to look for a studio table with casters.  Back home, Krista takes off running, I wake up Grey and get some food in him.  Jake, Grey and I go to a fall festival.  Jake plays games.  Home by 4:10.  Leave Krista with kids, out the door at 4:40 to pick up Derek for conference.  After Conference drop off Shaun Mclain at his house by the Mall of America, pick up strawberries and a diet coke.  Watch a movie with Krista, it is now 1:28.

That was my week…

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