August 12, 2009

am i being ripped off?

while combing through the internet tonight, i read heather morton’s blog about ripping off other photographers and was reminded of something that happened to me.  thought i’d share it.

i photographed this home for dwell a number of years ago, it was a great shoot, awesome home.  sent all my images to the architect so they could use them in their self-promotion.  fast forward about two years, i see ad’s that look pretty darn close to my photos.  turns out the architect is married to someone high up at knoll.  the irony was that these ad’s ran in dwell, the same publication that my images originally ran in.

so who is to blame?  knoll, the designer, the architect, the photographer, or nobody.  do you think i got ripped off?  was it just a coincidence?

my images on the left, ad images on the right…


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August 12, 2009

Clark Patrick @ 11:01 pm

Imitation is the purest form of flattery. If you have time to worry about that then you aren’t working hard enough to create new work that is unmistakably you own. 😉

August 13, 2009

Reuben @ 7:00 am

You totally got ripped off. Actually, I don’t have any idea how similar photos of the same thing can be before there’s any wrongdoing. Your shots are WAY better, though. I’m just sayin.

Simon Keitch @ 11:25 am

Photos of the same interior are going to look similar I guess but that’s too much of a coincidence with the backstory… Get legal advice asap (assuming you still own the copyright).

Tyler Gray @ 5:07 pm

Thats blatant!! Don’t sweat it though, your shots are far superior.

August 22, 2009

Reinfried Marass @ 10:44 am

Inglorious bastards they are. Lack of own ideas and creativity …