July 31, 2008

sorry bout the mix up…

i need to apologize to all four of you who watch my blog, my mom included, (hi mom.)  with the switching around of the site and the new host (which will not host my blog), we needed to find an alternative solution, thus www.holdersnaps.com/news.  using my keen deductive reasoning, if you are reading this you have figured it all out.  nice job.


i can’t take credit, i have been busy shooting, thus, i had help from my friends over at www.eigthhourday.com.  they did all their web magik that they do and worked it all out for me.  (thx nate.)  if that wasn’t enough…  they are also hooking me up with a new identity.  just figured it was time to get one.  should be done soon.


reasons for the new site…  wanted to update photos on the fly, more like a blog, and then, just felt like a change.  i still love the old site and cannot beat the smooth design, (thx www.eighthourday.com).  you can still check it out at www.holdersnaps.com.


i take off for the west coast tomorrow.  tonight i have to retouch some things from todays shoot and hand off the disk in the morning.


thanks for tracking the new blog down, google reader it up.  chad

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